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A good plan put into practice immediately is much better than a perfect plan that will be launched next week.

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Project Management

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Dividing the work into various smaller tasks has always been the best way to complete it earlier and more effectively.

Our Remote Project Management Services are based on this very principle. Simple in theory, complex and often difficult in practice if you have no experience in implementing it!


One of our Project Managers will personally take care of each phase of analysis, creation, processing and execution of all the steps necessary to complete the project received.
Each task will be done following the guidelines provided but also optimising resources, costs, time and processes as much as possible.
In addition, a status, risk and forecast analysis of the project will be sent each time a main part of the project is completed or an important step is reached.

In a few words, Project Management consists in planning all the phases of a project in order to guarantee the respect of its objectives, quality, timing and budget, monitoring the development of all the actions foreseen and recalibrating every single event if necessary

Relying on one of our experts brings clear objective and immediate advantages:

  • Provides a set of tools to reduce costs and the possibility of error.
  • Implements a project in a faster and more effective way.
  • Greater satisfaction from the main stakeholders of the project including the final client.
  • Operational and motivated by the team, which feels that it operates in a climate of organisational certainty and leadership.
  • Management of the various teams located remotely.
  • Zeroing the costs of personnel movements and reducing the costs of company structures.
  • Ability to predict and manage possible risks with targeted, non-improvised response strategies.
  • Increased quality and speed of the daily process due to an optimised division of tasks due to an evaluation analysis of competences.

Increased overall productivity due to greater efficiency with the same results.

Case Studies

Project to introduce a web-based IT platform on behalf of a Swiss insurance regulator.

Context of the project: the current software is reaching the limit of its capabilities

The project objective is to optimise the current functions, increase performance and facilitate the exchange of data between the parties in strict compliance with data protection guidelines, data security in accordance with the GDPR and Swiss data protection legislation (Data Protection by Design).

What we did:

For this scope, the project has been divided into several macro-projects, all managed entirely remotely

Step 1:

  • Definition and editing of the documents for the publication of the tender including the specification of the current system, the criteria for the selection of the new supplier and clarification of the bidders' applications in various sessions.
  • Selection of providers with a suitable and specific profile to be able to implement the required IT platform, including the current system provider.
  • Evaluation of the tenderers following various selection phases until 3 valid bidders are obtained.
  • Identification of the weaknesses of the 3 offers and organisation of in-depth sessions, managing a team of experts in the field, such as security, legal aspects etc.
  • Distribution of various specific tests, start of the contract negotiation with the bidders until the selection of the final bidder through the evaluation of the workshops presented, the answers given and the conditions negotiated.
  • Final negotiation and signing of the contract.

Step 2:

  • Specification of use cases, architecture and system to be implemented, organization of the User Path in order to validate end-to-end processes with a Superuser.

Step 3:

  • Pilot project for the purpose of defining the systems architecture and representation of end-use cases and planning the implementation phase and communication of the implementation project to stakeholders, validation of central processes and estimation of complexity
  • Planning, design and execution of testing and implementation of the system to be implemented with all subsystems.

Step 4:

  • Organisation of the changeover to System Support Mode, drafting of system and user manuals in various languages, transfer of the project to the support team and delivery of the project.

Optimise your business!

Divide the various tasks and achieve the goals you desire!

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Back-Office Support

It often happens that you have to produce a digital document but do not know how to use the program effectively to create it. Or you need graphics for your next poster or your online ad but have no idea how to make it.
Not everyone is then able to create an attractive company presentation or one that is clear and comprehensive to those who will have to read it.

Our experts - analysts, consultants and technicians - are at your disposal to meet your needs, providing you with remote assistance leading to an effective solution or the production of the desired result.

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Our Back-Office Support covers various needs and expertise. Some examples are:

  • Creation and editing of documents.
  • Desktop Publishing DTP
  • Creation of project, company, and product presentations.
  • Transcription of ideas and business projects in text form.
  • Editing texts in several languages.
  • Processing of graphics and images. Execution of searches.
  • Expense management and control.
  • Communication management via e-mail and telephone.
  • Secretarial tasks.

In our Back-Office Support there are specific services for business and Management

PMO (Project Manager Office) support:
Our Senior Project Manager will supervise and coordinate multiple projects, programmes or portfolios, coordinating the various managers, ensuring that all projects are completed successfully, on time and at cost.

Business/Technical Analyst:
The Business Analyst composes the various steps needed to complete the project, while providing a detailed analysis on how to solve the problem assigned to him/her at the functional and/or technical level. The various tasks of a Business Analyst include conducting research, drafting plans/presentations and detailed description of systems and software.

Capacity Management:
Figure that programs the capacity of the resources working on the project or in various projects, programmes and portfolios, balancing the constraints of allocations such as: Required profiles, time, risks, costs and availability, while managing and monitoring that all tasks are carried out on time and in the manner set, possibly adapting the capacity planning.

It may also be necessary to create a business roadmap, in which projects, programmes and portfolios are prioritised on the basis of criteria assessed together with the business, such as ROI, investment cost, project duration, and then move on to various stages of increasingly detailed planning of projects belonging to the roadmap for the fiscal year.

Knowledge Management:
Handles the knowledge management of the project, program or portfolio, such as data and resource information assigned, factors of the duration of the tasks, developed systems and software, companies involved and others. Part of the Knowledge Management work can be the creation of a business dashboard dedicated to the representation of selected information to be shared according to a specific study, the implementation of a knowledge sharing workflow, the development of an intranet site for the detailed and transparent presentation of resources and skills or the continuous population of wikis in order to share and enrich knowledge about a project or product in collaboration.

Case Studies

For a large Swiss telecommunications company, we have taken full responsibility for the management of the Project Management.

What we did:

  • Centralized management of the capabilities of projects, programmes and portfolios belonging to the business line dedicated to the development of billing applications and systems integration.
  • Provision of our resources to manage the preparation of all projects, programmes and portfolios to be evaluated during the process of creating the company roadmap and subsequent planning.
  • Introduction of various systems to optimise resource workflow and facilitate the planning and monitoring of projects, programmes and portfolios: for example, the implementation of SharePoint for the purpose of implementing a collaborative workflow.
  • Implementation of a Business Objects BI dashboard for measuring department performance with KPI and SLA definition.
  • Detailed description of the software development processes on site and remote with baseline for the estimation of the various processing phases.
  • Introduction of a Wiki for the department in order to share information about the various pre- and post-paid applications.

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Remote Support Applications

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A brilliant idea, a revolutionary process? A market survey or a company workshop focused on finding new initiatives leads to the creation of new programs, applications and mobile apps that can solve a problem or need.
Often, however, once such an idea has been developed, it is not possible to continue its development or expansion due to a lack of resources to devote to it or an organised structure to increase the new business adequately.

Our technicians and industry experts are at your disposal to provide you with the support you need so that your new business idea or application can be implemented as effectively as possible!

With our Remote Application Support you can count on a team capable of performing various actions to enable you to achieve your goal:

  • Creation and detailed description of use cases for the software.
  • End-to-end description of all software processes.
  • Test Case creation and end-to-end test runs
  • Customer support by phone and email.
  • User Manual creation.
  • Creation of the FAQ.
  • Application training for staff and customers.

Case Studies

We managed the support for a project management software based on the Agile software development project management system.

What we did:

  • Creation of scenarios for all possible use cases.
  • Execution of end-to-end tests in order to detect bugs.
  • Drafting of a User Manual.
  • Drafting of a FAQ.
  • Training of customers on the application.
  • Telephone and email support.

We can finalize your idea in a professional way!

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Remote Support Applications


Despite the age of digitalization we live in, certain sectors or customer groups are even more easily accessible through voice channels. Many businesses are essentially based on human contact and it is still necessary to make use of methods that are considered outdated or to exploit a specific and targeted "customer chase" solution.

Remarketing creates forms of customer reconversion, bringing new customers to the company without the need to look for new ones, leading existing ones to spend again.
It can also be applied as a simple reminder of your loyalties to your future events or shows.
All you need is a contact list with their phone numbers!


In addition to customer remarketing, we also offer Customer Care and Help Desk services.

Relying on a professional remote assistance service provides immediate benefits:

  • Concentrate the strengths of your company into more important activities, delegating the longer and more boring tasks to others.
  • Create contacts directly with customers already interested in your services or products to get them back to you.
  • To have contact with the customer through human support and not through pre-filled messages.
  • Professional management of Customer Service, after-sales and technical support.
  • Receive detailed reports from industry professionals, creating another source of data you can draw on.

Case Studies

Telephone and e-mail remote assistance for customers of an IP69 watertight stock brand.

What we did:

  • Telephone support for customers who require service over telephone.
  • Answers to customer FAQs and resolution of more specific questions.
  • Assistance and response to various emails from customers.
  • Collection of suggestions.
  • Processing of surveys to be forwarded by e-mail.
  • Test of satisfaction via e-mail or during phone calls.
  • Monthly report to the brand owner.

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IT Assistance

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Not always in the company there is that IT figure able to solve the various problems that afflict computers every day. Technical errors, wrong configurations, wrong inputs and unknown bugs are the order of the day.

Our programmers and technicians can put themselves at your disposal to solve these extraordinary daily problems. From the configuration of the company email to the remote formatting of the PC full of errors.

With our IT Assistance we can solve various needs such as:

  • Mail, programs and applications configuration.
  • System errors.
  • Bugs of programmes.
  • Software installation and configuration.
  • Cleaning and formatting devices.
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

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Does your company need specific support? Or you are looking for a translator or a language enthusiast, but don't know how to move between linguistic platforms and CAT Tools?

Due to our over twenty years of experience, we can help you understand and transfer a method on how to use these fantastic digital tools for your language needs!
We help end clients and leading agencies to manage their projects, IT processes and support them in solving complex issues arising from the most popular language platforms.

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Our language services agency has been using the latest digital tools made available to the market for years, thus developing a competence and above all an experience that you can benefit from, without wasting time developing it independently, making mistakes and losing valuable hours of work.

By requesting our assistance and training, we can help you in various ways:

  • Training on language platforms such as Across, memSource, Trados, Smartling, XTM and others.
  • Training on verification and quality assurance tools for translations performed on CAT Tools, such as Verifica and XBench.
  • Assistance in using the various language platforms.
  • Transfer of a working method and expertise on their use.

Increase your knowledge of the world of language services!

We provide the support you need!

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