Video/Audio Transcription

We transcribe what is played verbally into an audio or video file in your possession, giving you the text of exactly what is said.
We can also provide you with a translated copy of the same text in another language!
We also offer verbatim transcription (word for word) for those who need to capture all the nuances of speech such as noises, voice overlays, audio disturbances and fillers.
Fill out the form below and upload your file! If it is too big, please contact us! We will immediately find a solution to receive your file!

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Video/Audio Transcription


Have you created or hold an audio/video file and would you like to transcibe and/or have it translated?
Trust in experts of the sector! A professional translation is the only way to make the reading smooth and to transmit the desired emotion to those who read your text in another language!

How will the translation be performed and what are the differences between Silver and Gold Service?

Silver Service:

  • The translation will be performed by a native translator in the target language of your choice, specialized in the relevant sector. Once the translation has been completed,
    we will perform a quality check to ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors, thus delivering a high-quality translation.

Gold Service:

  • Once the translation has been completed by a native translator in the target language of your choice and specialized in the relevant sector, it will be reviewed by an editor, native and specialized in the same target language and relevant sector.
  • In the end, to ensure an excellent final translation, a last quality check will be performed by a second editor.


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